O2 Derm™ Relief Testimonials


02 Derm™ Relief gel is formulated to deliver molecular oxygen to dermal and muscle tissue through topical application to the skin. It is odorless, greaseless, and non-allergenic.

Health professionals and home users have reported using 02 Derm™ Relief for a wide variety of aches and pains, including: backache, shoulder and neck pain, dry skin, joint pain and stiffness, sore hands and feet, strains and sprains, and the like.

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Professional Pain Relief Reviews

Every once in a while a product comes along that is a major game changer in the pain relief industry.  “Relief” is one of those game changers.  I show my patients how to apply “Relief” to a sore area or in an area that has an effect on that region.  The results are instantaneous.  There is often a dramatic change in pain but more importantly – there is an increased ability to move!  It is this ability to move that gives people freedom from pain.  People can apply “Releif” at home and follow the application with movement and they now have control of their life once more.  This has been a godsend to my patients and is something that is well worth the small investment in a tube of the product.

Richard Finn BA, LMT, CMTPT, MCSTT
Developer of the Fusion Movement System
C: 412-779-7822   |   YouTube Channel   |   Richard Finn’s Blog 

Customer Pain Relief Reviews


I use Relief on my hands because I have Scleroderma – a condition that causes extreme pain in my fingers and hands.  Sometimes the pain in agonizing and the gel is the only thing I’ve been able to use to relieve me of this pain that I experience. I tried every topical pain relief I could think of and the only thing that worked was the O2 Derm Relief gel. It worked quickly – in minutes. I would apply it at night when any aches and pains seem to intensify. I would put the gel on and put the bandage around it and I was able to sleep and get some rest.

On July 3, 2019 my wife had a massive stroke which left her completely paralyzed on her left side.  I have chosen to care for her at home as opposed to a nursing home.  One very important aspect of her care is “skin care”.  In the hospitals and nursing homes they used the traditional barrier cream to help manage her skin.  When she first came home , I  began replacing the barrier cream with DERM’S Relief.  I have found it not only far easier to use than the barrier cream, but also far more effective.

My wife has now been at home for about a year and a half without so much  as one bed sore.  The aids from the agency that helps me with home care are quite impressed with the effectiveness.  DERM Relief makes me look like the caretaker of the year.  Thank you DERM’S Relief!

Fred S.

Recently, I pulled a muscle or something in my lower back, hip area.  After multiple trips to the chiropractor and applying various ointments, I tried Derm Creations O2 Derm Relief Topical Healing Gel. After a few nightly applications to the affected area, I finally found relief. This product seemed to work better than any of the more well known products on the market. I highly recommend this Relief!”

Cheryl M.
Irwin, PA

I sit at a desk all day, every day. Even though I go to a chiropractor regularly, I often have neck and shoulder pain. I prefer natural products – you know the ones where you can read and understand the words in the ingredients list. When I compared the ingredients of Relief to other products out there – I was sold.

I’ve been using O2 Derm Relief for a few months now. I’m really amazed by how much it helps relieve pain. I’ve used another popular menthol-based product in the past. Because of the strong smell, I hated to put it on before work…and didn’t like putting it on before bed. It would relieve the pain, but I found it does it by tricking the nerve endings with hot and cold.

Relief is totally different. It has NO ODOR and gets absorbed quickly – so I use it regularly before work and before bed. (I sometimes have a bottle in my desk drawer too.) You won’t “feel” it doing anything. There’s no hot or cold feeling. You might even think “this isn’t doing anything” – then a few minutes later, you realize the pain has decreased. It really works for me.

Jane N
Jeannette, PA

On two occasion now I have had locked shoulder, both several years after rotator cuff surgery. With reservation, I allowed a friend to rub the O2 Derm Relief on the proper pressure points. Within seconds I had movement and almost no pain. After not using it for over a year the second shoulder locked without warning. Within minutes of the first application, I was able to start the shoulder moving again. This is not “snake oil” it works better than what the manufacture says!

Chuck Denning
North Huntingdon, PA

My 94 year old father had back pain every time he went from a sitting to standing position. I used the O2 Derm Relief on his back and he said that the pain went away. He was extremely pleased with the product.

Wayne M.
Cleveland, Ohio

I have used O2 Derm Relief for both shoulder pain and foot pain. It helped relieve the pain in both areas. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to others.

Fred Salmonsen

I’ve had a pilonidal cyst (a type of cyst on the tailbone) since I was 19. Surgery is often recommended, however, as mine only flares up from time to time, I have tried to avoid an operation. When it does flare up, it can be quite painful. Over the past 40 years, I’ve only found 2 treatments to be effective. The first is taking curcumin supplements. The second is O2 Derm Relief. In both cases, I have been surprised by the speed and long lasting duration of relief, Now I feel like I have an effective tool kit for relief of pylonidal cyst pain, and O2 Derm Relief is great for general muscle aches, bug bites, dry skin – love it.

Michael N
Latrobe, PA

I just started using O2 Derm Relief a few months ago. I am 85 years old and I use it my hand and elbow and on all of my aches and pains. It really works. I even like the way it dries

Dora Hedfors

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 46 years. My doctor has done a good job all those years prescribing medicine that work. However, from time to time, I still get aches and pains from joint damage. O2 Derm Relief is very effective in relieving those aches and pains. In addition, it dries well and there is no odor.

Kathy McCann

Rub in until dry and within minutes the pain will go away.  After a few days you won’t need to use but very little gel at all.  This gel is worth any amount of money you have to pay.  It works so well you will be glad you have it.  You won’t be without it at any time.

Gerry V
Galion, OH