O2 Derm SILK


Oxygenated Gel that Smoothes & Exfoliates your Skin.

Assists With:

Smoothes & Exfoliates Skin

Softens Hardened, Dry Skin

Natural Oxygenation



Treat yourself to The Oxygen Solution today.

O2 Derm is a simple, odorless gel that is abundantly rich in molecular oxygen. Molecular oxygen is known to improve skin, promote healing, and relieve muscle aches; just to name a few benefits. While there are many “oxygenated” products on the market, none contain pure molecular oxygen like O2 Derm. Our unique patented technology allows us to supersaturate our gel with molecular oxygen – there is nothing to compare it to. While our ingredient list is simple, the process of supersaturating the product with oxygen, and maintaining the oxygen content is highly complex.

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