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What is the best way to use the airless pump?

Make sure to pump a number of times when you first use the product.  This primes the pump and allows for a better flow of product.

What is the shelf life of O2 Derm™ Relief?

If kept in a closed container, the gel should retain its oxygen content for at least ten months.  Avoid vigorously shaking the container, as it will release some of the beneficial oxygen.  We are working to extend shelf life dramatically with enhanced packaging.

Is O2 Derm™ Relief tested on animals?

No.  O2 Derm™ Relief is a formulation of safe, non-allergenic ingredients and no testing on animals has been needed or performed.  In fact, we have a formulation of our gel made especially to help your pet.  We call it O2 Derm™ Pet, and you can learn more about it at

Where can I apply O2 Derm™ Relief?

O2 Derm™ Relief is a topical pain relief gel.  It can be applied externally to any skin surface. Avoid contact with your eyes. It is intended for external use only.

How often should I apply the O2 Derm™ Relief?

Most customers have found O2 Derm™ Relief to be effective if applied three times per day. However, your particular need may require more or less frequent applications.

Have Health & Wellness Professionals used O2 Derm™ Relief?

Many practitioners in the health and wellness industry, including chiropractors, acupuncturists, trigger point and massage therapists are using O2 Derm™ Relief on their patients.  These health and wellness experts believe the oxygen in our gel enables muscles to relax faster and become more flexible, aiding in pain reduction.

What is O2 Derm™ Relief used for?

The success story of O2 Derm Relief is still being written.   Many of the benefits and uses are anecdotal – stories from customers and health professionals about how O2 Derm™ Relief improved their lives and the lives of their patients.  Customers have reported using our product for:

  • Strains and sprains
  • Relief of back pain, backache, shoulder pain, and neck pain
  • Assistance with deep muscle pain
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Sore, tired hands and feet

Before trying this product for any other uses, you should consult your physician.

What sets O2 Derm™ Relief apart from other pain relief creams?

To start, ours is not a pain relief cream.

O2 Derm™ Relief is an odor-free, translucent gel which rubs into your skin cleanly, leaving no greasy feel behind. The dissolved oxygen and pain relieving nitrous oxide absorb into the skin and help in relieving joint and muscle pain.

Many name brand topical pain relief products rely on a “counter-irritation” effect.  They use chemicals like menthol to provide a surface irritation that helps trick your body into lessening deeper discomfort and inflammation.

O2 Derm™ Relief works differently.  It brings a reservoir of oxygen into close proximity with your skin and delivers the naturally occurring analgesic nitrous oxide to your cells as well.

What is O2 Derm™ Relief made of?

All of our Derm Creatio2ns products are simply different formulations of the following ingredients:  distilled water, the naturally occurring clay LAPONITE® XLG, silicone, Epsom salts (a source of magnesium), oxygen nitrous oxide, and a food-grade thickening agent used in marshmallows and toothpaste (TSPP).

LAPONITE® is a registered trademark of BYK Additives Ltd.

Is it safe?

Yes.  O2 Derm™ Relief contains no harmful chemicals and is non-allergenic.

I’ve never heard of O2 Derm™ Relief before. Is it new?

The O2 Derm family of products, including O2 Derm™ Relief have been under development for years and in use by a small but enthusiastic customer base who have helped us better understand the possible applications.  Recently, we’ve begun to scale production to reach a wider market and bring the benefits of this oxygen rich, pain relief gel to you.


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