Oxygen and Healing

We all know that life requires oxygen. Even the roots of plants need oxygen for respiration. People require oxygen not only to survive but also to heal. Tissue regeneration requires oxygen. A common reaction for a wound as it heals is: “let the air get to it.” Good advice. Oxygen at the surface (topical) level is absolutely essential for the creation of new tissue (epithelialization) and to form the right type of tissue (differentiation). Not only do we need to get the air to the wound, but we have to “let the oxygen get to it.”

The oxygenated gels produced by DERM Creations will get oxygen to it. Oxygen provides relief and DERM’s Relief provides oxygen. And it’s in right form for healing – the biologically available form.

Why not Water?

Water contains oxygen, so why won’t that work? Actually, water (hydration) is also needed for wounds to heal but water is a separate compound, distinct from oxygen, and has other roles in the healing process. Water does not directly provide biological oxygen for wound healing. Oxygen in water is so tightly bonded to hydrogen that it is biologically unavailable as molecular oxygen to assist in healing. That’s where air comes in. That’s also where DERM Creation’s oxygenated gels come in.

Many gels and lotions intended for topical use claim to be “oxygenated.” And most contain oxygen. It can accurately be said of any topical gel containing water that the gel indeed contains oxygen. When chemically bonded to hydrogen, however, the oxygen is unavailable. Like the car in the showroom window, oxygen is present but not available. Other ingredients found in many gels also contain oxygen their molecular constitution, but such as in water, oxygen is chemically combined and not available for adsorption by your skin.

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The Bad Form of Oxygen

Certain skin care products contain hydrogen peroxide and some even contain ozone. These compounds do contain oxygen that is not tightly bound. When oxygen from this source is released, it is in a very highly reactive form known as “free radical.” Free radicals can cause cell damage from a condition known as “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress can lead to tissue mortality.

Oxygen in DERM’s Oxygenated Gels – Molecular Oxygen

When oxygen molecules are present in air, the molecules are mixed with nitrogen and other gases but it remains as molecular oxygen, the kind that your body can use for healing. Unlike free radical form, molecular oxygen doesn’t damage your skin.

In DERM oxygenated Relief, oxygen is present as molecular oxygen, just like in air but highly CONCENTRATED. We dissolve it in water at elevated levels (U.S. Patent 7,288,574; others pending) which makes it directly available as Relief to your skin.

How does this help? Oxygen present in this form is right for healing – in other words, the oxygen is bioavailable. DERM gels are unique in supplying molecular oxygen – the right form of oxygen – for healing and nourishing your skin. Try It!