A Suspension in a Solution

Oxygen for Healing
There is a patented difference between O2 Derm™ Relief and other, oxygen enriched products. Ours offers both a suspension and a solution of oxygen is available.

Think of a beer. Shake it, and all the carbon dioxide fizzes away. The molecular oxygen in O2 Derm™ Relief is more stable. Take a close look at our translucent gel. You’ll see little micro-bubbles of oxygen.

Even if you could shake the container hard enough to release all of those micro-bubbles, a test of the remaining gel would show oxygen levels at just about the same value. The oxygen is spread equally throughout the gel, with some in a true solution and oxygen the micro-bubbles in suspension.

To learn more, visit our Why Oxygen Works page or our How It’s Made page, then Order Your O2 Derm™ Relief Today.