Feel the Relief Of Molecular Oxygen Heal. Relieve. Soothe. Feel the Relief Of Molecular Oxygen Heal. Relieve. Soothe.

O2 Derm™ Relief is a pure and simple gel, abundantly rich in molecular oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Molecular oxygen is known to promote healing and relieve muscle aches and pains. Nitrous oxide enhances this effect.

More importantly, O2 Derm™ Relief is all about you. Feel better. Do more. Stay active.


Rich in Molecular Oxygen

Your muscles work hard every day. Give them the oxygen they need to renew, revive, and repair. O2 Derm™ Relief rubs in easily and quickly.

No Greasy Residue

Typical pain relief ointments, creams, and rubs leave your hands and skin with a chemical residue. O2 Derm™ Relief is non-greasy and fast-absorbing.

Odorless and Colorless

Why advertise your aches and pains with smelly creams and ointments? O2 Derm™ Relief is a truly odorless, colorless gel for natural pain relief.

Simple Ingredients

A breakthrough and patented product, O2 Derm™ Relief uses proprietary technology to compound a few simple ingredients, including water, oxygen, and Nitrogen Oxide in a new, state-of-the-art formulation

Natural Pain Relief
For Every Day Aches, Pains, Bumps & Bruises




Pain relief for aching joints and muscles, neck and back pain, bumps and bruises.



Rub it in. Massage away the pain. Oxygen enables muscles to relax faster and become more flexible.



No menthol, salicylic acid, or alcohol of any kind. Odorless, no artificial colors or scents.


Free Radicals

Our oxygen is NOT derived from peroxides or ozone that forms free radicals.

The Natural Way
To Revitalize and Relieve


The story of our new breakthrough product is still being written.

Every day, we hear new personal tales of significant pain relief. How will O2 Derm™ Relief help you?

We’re excited by the fact that all of the possibilities are yet to be explored.

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, and trigger point massage therapists are using O2 Derm™ Relief to help their patients with joint and muscle pains right now.

Is O2 Derm™ Relief Right for You?


Richard Finn, BA, LMT, CMTPT, MCSTT

“Every once in a while a product comes along that is a major game changer in the pain relief industry. "Relief" is one of those game changers. I show my patients how to apply "Relief" to a sore area or in an area that has an effect on that region. The results are instantaneous. There is often a dramatic change in pain but more importantly - there is an increased ability to move! It is this ability to move that gives people freedom from pain...”

Fred Sample

“My wife had a massive stroke which left her completely paralyzed on her left side. I have chosen to care for her at home as opposed to a nursing home. One very important aspect of her care is “skin care”. My wife has now been at home for about a year and a half without so much as one bed sore. The aids from the agency that helps me with home care are quite impressed with the effectiveness. DERM Relief makes me look like the caretaker of the year. Thank you O2 DERM Relief!"

Jane Noel, Pennsylvania

“I always have O2 Derm Relief handy for use on tight muscles in my back and shoulders. It provides relief without the strong odors or hot/cold sensation of some other pain relief products. I’ve used it on any sore joint, cuts, or scratches. But it’s most amazing on burns (or sunburn). When splashed with hot grease, I applied Relief immediately and the burn never bothered me at all. Great for sunburn too.!"

Chuck Denning, Pennsylvania

“On two occasion now I have had locked shoulder, both several years after rotator cuff surgery. With reservation, I allowed a friend to rub the O2 Derm on the proper pressure points. Within seconds I had movement and almost no pain. After not using it for over a year the second shoulder locked without warning. Within minutes of the first application, I was able to start the shoulder moving again. This is not “snake oil” it works better than what the manufacture says!”

Wayne M, Ohio

“My 94 year old father had back pain every time he went from a sitting to standing position. I used the Derm Relief on his back and he said that the pain went away. He was extremely pleased with the product.”

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